SUR DE CHILE - U$ 900,000


Offer 800 acres in Southern Chile to U.S. citizen. VERY GOOD BUSINESS IN HUNTING AND FISHING LODGE
PRICE: $900.000,00
PHONE: 569-9709.0961  -  562-2880.4517


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Vendo Bienes Raíces en Chile

vendo hermosas propiedad en el sur de Chile, rodeadas de naturaleza, tranquiliadad, bellos parajes, lagos, rios, mar, bsoque nativo, los invito a conocer las bellezas del sur del mundo.

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Sandra Lafuente

Somos una empresa que se dedica a buscar la propiedad que usted busca para desarrollar su idea, de descanso, inversión, parcela de agrado, inmoliaria, industrial. Les ofrecemos hermosos parajes, con toda la belleza del sur de chile. 

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Parcel of land near Santiago de Chile, view to river and mountains

In Melocoton, San José de Maipo, 48km far from Santiago de Chile, beautiful landscape : parcel of land 1026m2, view direct to the river Maipo and to the mountain. Little house 45m2 solid material.Native naturePlace to rest and enjoy.US$  116.600.-rit_mark@hotmail.comcel phone  84509572

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cheap mountain guide in Santiago,Chile

We offer an exclusive and cheap mountain guide for the mountains of Santiago, Chile.

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Published 03/06/2014
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